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Swatara Rail Trail: Swatara Rail Trail is ten miles in length from Lickdale Interchange (Exit 90) of I-81 to the Pine Grove Interchange (Exit 100) of I-81. Up the hill you will find an abandoned section of highway that the kids will find creepy to be on. I had a good ride on the Swatara-Bear Hole Trails today with a close friend. near the village of Suedberg off Rt. Each loop is about 1.5 miles in length, totaling 9.8 miles. I would recommend a mountian bike even for this part of the trail because the road is in terrible shape and in buckling at spots. This continues for about 5 miles and then, to make a loop, you have to get on the Bear Hole Trail. Dec 13th, 2011 - Damage from Ireane and Lee -- Trail Repaired arround Interstate Bridges. Unfortunately the gravel is rather course and in some of the previous mud holes the fill is ballast sized stones. You will need a car with reasonable ground clearance to comfortably take this dirt road route. It’s also very nice, BUT if you expecting a flat trail, return via the Swatara Trail. Made a pit stop at the memorial marker about a mile from the trail head (picture). At one section the trail is actually an abandoned paved road. This could be a very nice ride, with some challenging hills and some really great scenery. You can cross at the bridge at the north end at Swopes Valley Rd. There is not enough room for horses and bike. Facebook Twitter Share. But at one point you have to cross up on the road, not sure if its a park road or what, but it was in great shape. ", "Better Than Its Reputation: Swatara Park’s trails range in character from as smooth as you will find anywhere to virtually impassable. The three miles of smooth asphalt roads were once portions of the old State Routes 72 and 433 and were incorporated into the Park when they were replaced with new construction not long ago. From there you will have access to the rest of the Park’s trail system. They also have cabins and camper sites, but only three tent sites. State acquisition of lands that were to become Swatara State Park began in 1971 and was completed in 1987. On the way back I jumped up on the road that was there, and it was very nice. However, we rode for about two miles of horse divots (it was like riding on railroad tracks) then gave up and turned around. The hills are not long but one exceeds 10% grade. The trick is to pick the riding opportunities that match your interest and ability.The Park is located next to Routes 72 and 433 that extend from Lickdale (Exit 90 of I-81) to Pine Grove (Exit 100 of I-81). This trail is beautiful. I had researched the trail, and read the reviews, so I was a little leery about what I would find. We'll return and ride the loop trails off of the Swatara Trail. Don't let that little bit of roughness discourage you, as you can skip it and join the trail at the Waterville bridge by coming in on Old State Road on the other side of the creek. Youker. View maps, videos, photos, and reviews of Swatara State Park bike trail in Lickdale. I have done parts of this great trail several times in the last few years but I wanted to check out all the new construction, mostly of new trail heads and parking lots and the one big bridge. We did this on a Friday so maybe that is the reason for the lack of people--this trail is beautiful and if you take the time to look you can see nature at its best. The next two miles of the path were a mixture of pavement and ground cinder. I frequent this trail as its close to home and a nice 12-13 mile loop running up then down either side of the swatara creek. A Park manager told me that they expect to make changes to the trail once the construction project on the I-81 bridges that cross Swatara Creek is completed. Either campground looks like a good place to spend a weekend.From I-81 take exit 100 to 443 west for seven miles. Part of Swatara Rail Trail closed due to storm damage. At Swopes Valley Road, DON'T keep going straight (there IS a trail there). A side trip here crosses the creek and turns left for a mile on the Bear Hole Trail to an old log cabin built from on-site lumber and stone in 1939. Did a 40+ mile ride there today, mostly on Monroe Valley Road but also did most of the park trails, Trout Run, Bear Hole, etc. The other end of the trail, located at the Lickdale Campground by the traffic light in Lickdale (I-81 exit 90) provides challenges as well. The southern trailhead begins in the vicinity of a commercial campground in Lickdale, where you’ll also find multiple restaurants, hotels, and an RV park. Each trail loop is about 1.5 miles in length and twist through the woods and up and down hills. 4) Be aware that the Bear Hole Trail is not a rail trail. The first "planned for mountain bikes" trail system in PA State Parks, Swatara is great ride to introduce someone to the joys of singletrack. Your donation will help us to continue connecting more people to trails around the country. For more information on Swatara and Pennsylvania’s other 119 state parks, visit www.dcnr.state.pa.us (select “Find a Park”). “With its increased network of trails and access to Swatara Creek launching areas, we see park visitation growing significantly,” Allan said. you will follow the creek for a while and soon you will come to a part where there is a steep slope in the trial, if you go up the other side you come to a dead end where there use to be a bridge. Lots' of fast food, gas, and hotels. The improvements include a loop trail, creek access for boaters, spaces for horse/boat trailers. ... At over 8 miles, Swatara State Park's mountain bike trails are a system of 6 looped trails that twist through the woods and hills and are generally considered a good place for introductory skills. Overnight parking for through or section AT hikers is on SR 443 just west of SR 72. I wanted to make it to the Fossil pit but I was out of time, that pit is about 6 miles from the first bridge where I parked. The trail interconnects with old roads without signs and it is very confusing. The next feature is the Sand Siding Pedestrian Bridge, which is iron and boardwalk, attached sections allowing the bridge to change direction. First the trail isn't marked and we went the wrong way about 3/4 of a mile into a KOA campground. Crossing Monroe Valley road brings you to a section of rougher trail surface. The surfaces of both of these trails are good, but the horse traffic does leave some roughness (& occasional road apples) that would otherwise not be encountered. Future plans call for the Lebanon Valley Rail-Trail to meet up with the Swatara Rail-Trail in Lickdale. On my trip last fall I found the trail difficult to follow due to multiple paved roads and no signs. One area where a trail ‘washout’ was repaired two years ago is no longer ‘smooth’ it’s like the fine particles washed out of the surface. nr. Swatara Rail Trail starts as crushed stone and grass until it crosses Monroe Valley Road, where it turns to gravel (1-2" size) for about half a mile. Park visitors are advised construction work may affect access to certain areas. You do need to study it carefully. WHOAA!! My only complaint is that horses should not be on this bridge as there were "road apples" along the entire bridge, I hesitate to post this because it is not a well traveled trail, and I hope it stays that way! We were so nice to bikers that we got off the trails so that they could have the entire trail. The first and last 2 miles are odd (that is, barely discernible from the surrounding area. The trail in this section of Pennsylvania primarily travels across flat, rocky ridges mixed with strenuous climbs in … The trail ends at the falls. Here, through Swopes Valley, it is relatively narrow, swift and shallow at places, so it is best suited for kayaks. The Swatara Rail-Trail uses the corridors left behind by a canal and a railroad to snake around an Appalachian mountain in eastern Pennsylvania, passing through the forests of Swatara State Park most of the way. Overall, the trail is enjoyable, but it could use the noted improvements. The resurfaced trail is about one mile in length. This would be my favorite place to ride if it weren't for the horses. Two old cast iron bridges cross Swatara Creek to provide access to Old State Road from the rail trail.Ten miles of rail trail, located on the bank opposite Old State Road and next to Routes 72 and 443, was the site of the Lebanon and Tremont Branch of the Philadelphia and Reading Rail Road that replaced the canal. The park is totally undeveloped as is the trail. The trail grade is relatively flat, with variable surfaces (stone, gravel, and pavement) requiring wide tires. Feel free to take the side trails and explore. The Swatara Water Trail will require portage around bridge construction. This section isn’t a rail trail , in our opinion. Here the Appalachian Trail crosses the Waterville Bridge and allows the biker to cross the creek onto Old State Road or continue straight onto the rest of the Park’s trails. Here the trail goes through a cut and becomes very muddy and spiced with the occasional fallen tree. Did the whole 10 miles... great ride!! Abandoned when there were plans for a dam across the creek. The trailhead map doesn't indicate the direction of the trail. Hikers may leave an itinerary with the park for emergencies. Take a left onto 443 and then you will go past the I-81 exit and follow the above directions.The trail toward Lickdale is a little rough but do able on a comfortable mountain bike. The horse manure is disgusting and you are always having to dodge that. Operating under several subsequent owners, the rail branch closed in segments from 1965 to 1981. Now this part was very nice, more like other rail trails I've ridden in the past. If you like mountain biking this is the place you have to go. There is some graffiti. Ok Let me say I took two days to hit this trail one day just exploring and then another day on the Old State Road. The last mile of the trail in this direction is mowed grass, almost like passing through someone's back yard. Otherwise, it’s a great route back. An 8-mile stretch of the Swatara Creek Water Trail winds through the park, and two miles of the Appalachian Trail, which stretches from Georgia to Maine, cross its southern sector. The Bear Hole trail which is built on top of the old state road had small washouts in many places. Get the map from Swatara State Park and plan several great trips. find trail maps, reviews, photos & driving directions on traillink.com This is the part of the Park’s trail system that can provide some challenges. The resurfaced trail continues. This did not deter me from finishing the route but maybe it should have. The swampy sections of the trail have been filled in and the trail has been covered with gravel. I ended up losing the trail and got to the end in Lickdale via local roads. Totaling 3,520 acres, the state park was subject of numerous surveys, environmental assessments, Bureau of State Parks research efforts, and governmental and user-group committee studies. And, though I would agree that the first two miles of the Swatara are a bit bumpy, if you have a hybrid (which I do) or a mountain bike (which my riding companion had) you'll do fine. Then at the halfway point the trail allows horses. Every time I try to give this trail another chance the trail is littered with so much manure I want to gag. But there is a temp concret plant on that part of the trial so I got back in the car and drove North on 443 for about 2.5 miles, on the right you will see a steel bridge that is the trial. This trail can get dark when the sun is high in the sky, I would not want to be on it at dusk. The trailhead was a little tough to find (the map is out of date -- there's a new parking lot on Monroe Valley Road, just past the Swift trucking yard) but it's a fun trail. On the other hand, if you want to plan your route, go to the excellent park map at:www.dcnr.state.pa.us/stateparks/parks/maps/swatara_mini.pdfOr, you can contact the Park Office at 717-865-6470 and they will send you a large copy of that same map. We entered the Lickdale trail head, and includes a beautiful paved road and creek access. Again, very lonely, but a little more lit than the bike path on the other side of the river. Smooth riding - between bumps every hundred feet or so. The Swatara Creek Water Trail is a 42-mile segment of Swatara Creek from Jonestown, Lebanon County, to the PA Fish & Boat Commission's Middletown Access, in Middletown, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania. Get directions, maps, and traffic for Swatara, PA. we have hiked & biked here. Please check with the trail owner before you go. You can see the trail to one side of this entrance road. Updated information can be obtained by contacting Memorial Lake State Park Office, 717-865-6470; or by email at memorialsp@pa.gov. Maintenance also lacks, broken signs and high weeds along the trail. These trails are no longer offically maintained by SAMBA. Paddling the Swatara is like exploring a wilderness. Swatara is a hidden gem. We were glad to get back to the trailhead after just 8 miles and rest our weary bodies. This Trail is open to vehicles the 2nd Friday and Saturday of each month. My wife and I road the entire ten-mile length of the Swatara Rail-Trail (SRT) on Monday, May 28th. Here the road joints are pretty bumpy so pay attention. Overall, the ride was nice, not really a typical rail trail, but you have to remember, this trail is relatively new, and still a work in progress. Riding south to north is a gradual ascent almost the whole way. We could have used 3 different tires on this trip. We had two issues right from the beginning. About 4.3 miles from the Monroe Valley Road trailhead, you’ll pass a pedestrian bridge for the 0.4-mile Sand Siding Trail. Once we got squared away we had our second issue. About 4.3 miles from the Monroe Valley Road trailhead, you’ll pass a pedestrian bridge for the 0.4-mile Sand Siding Trail. Todays trip --- Deer, Fox, Turkeys, and Grouse were seen. At this point I turned back for my car to go home.I was able to cover 11 miles of the trial 22 round trip. The 'Old State Road' on other side of creek appears closed (at Appalachin Trail) end to end because of damage. Map of the Union Canal. The historic Waterville Bridge spans Swatara Creek and is the crossing point for the Appalachian Trail. The trail route got its start with the discovery of anthracite coal in nearby Tremont, prompting construction of the Pine Grove feeder canal in the early 1800s that ran along Swatara Creek and connected with the main Union Canal near Lebanon. I witnessed a biker almost being kicked by a horse. This is one of the worst trails I've ever done. These three miles are now closed to traffic and can easily be negotiated by anyone on any kind of bike. Appalachian National Scenic Trail: Stretching from Georgia to Maine, this backpacking trail traverses two miles of the southern portion of Swatara State Park. The 10-mile trail begins in Lickdale, crosses a gap in Blue Mountain created by Swatara Creek, and ends in Pine Grove. The first two miles of the rail trail on the Pine Grove end is virtually unusable and a missing bridge there requires the fording of Mill Creek. About 50 feet before the road ende there is a dirt trial that bears off to the right, take this for a nice ride in the woods. One of those dabs was just at the edge of the roadbed where a slurry of wet, hundred year old, coal dust and cinders fought to hang onto my shoe and cause me to dramatically dismount from my bike. Go 0.2 mile, and look for trailhead parking on the right. There are many nice views along the creek. My rating of this trail would be higher if it was not for that first mile! The first was 50-100 m. and relatively steep. One minute you feel lost in the woods with a river on one side and a cliff on the other; the next minute you are sailing though a field where the trail is only as wide as your tire. While my Bultaco Alpina from thirty years ago would have handled the mud and fallen trees, I have yet to learn how to make my bicycle do it gracefully. Trailhead was different than my 2016 edition guidebook. For the first two miles the trail is very rough, then you bike on an abandon road for a ways then jump back on the trail. When you get to the Waterville Bridge the surface changes to large ballast and is awful for bikes and I almost fell. Then a couple of miles of unused asphalt highway. The campground is very nice, and the store has a nice deck to eat out on and the food is good. Youker. We went right and in 3/4 of a mile ended up in a campground. you will have to get on the road for about 300 feet and then make the first right, which will take you by a delapidated building where you will turn left to continue on the trail. Credit: Ben Miller, Swatara Watershed Association. Nice parking and access from the state park. The trail grade is relatively flat, with variable surfaces: dirt, gravel, and pavement, requiring wide tires. trails are maintained nicely & well marked. I then put in at the corner of Rt SR 443 and SR 72 on an old road and new trail down to the two bridges and with two trips I had completed almost all of the Swatara Rail Trail. Four new trailheads, or parking areas, also are planned, affording easy access to the trails and launch areas for canoeing and kayaking. Help defend and expand trails nationwide. There are a few hills that might challenge someone used to rail trail riding. This new bridge make is possible for shorter loop rides/walks. I parked here (even though it didn't look like a "parking area". Who knows what you will find next. A replacement bridge across the creek leads you to Swopes Road. A few weeks ago a representative of the Park told me that planning is now underway to upgrade the trail and to repair Old State Road in 2008. Improvements listed it as resurfaced in 2013. The trail is really, really not marked at all. At the roundabout loop near the Lickdale terminus there are many raspberry bushes, good for an afternoon stop in July. After a bit you reach a second iron bridge (Waterville) and it is a beautiful tribute to the old iron workers of the area. In between the slightly rocky start and the rugged end are 6 miles of beauty, old bridges, kayakers, wildlife (I flushed two pheasants, which I haven't had the pleasure of doing since I was a kid) and pleasant scenery. Part of the Memorial Lake State Park Complex, Swatara Creek is a popular destination for canoeing, kayaking, and tubing enthusiasts, especially in the spring. The part we did do was fairly pleasant; but since we thought we were getting a typical flat, crushed stone rail trail, we were pretty disappointed that we only got a 10-mile ride fitting that description. Problem is we missed were to get back on the trail because the sign is broken off and we continued on the road for almost a mile. Swatara State Park is a singletrack mountain bike trail in Lickdale, Pennsylvania. If you're looking for a place for the 5-year-old to ride his tricycle or a place to push your baby carriage, then find another trail, but if you want some out-of-the way running, walking or riding, check out Swatara. Much of the trail is crushed limestone and asphalt, although segments at either end are dirt and grass and may be more conducive to mountain bikes than road and hybrid bikes. North of the old highway another section of resurfaced trail starts. A lot of trails that branch off the main trail. The bridge carries the Appalachian Trail across the creek and connects with the Bear Hole Trail that runs 5 miles through the state park on the other side of the creek. (Note if you pass under I-81 you have gone too far). Some other reviewers were sharply critical of the impact of horses. Stickers will tear your arms up and path is very tight but eventually opens up to a beautiful shaded ride back. Since the State Park System is short of money it may be some time before the trail is repaired. From the southern main trailhead parking lot going north, the trail is a fine grit surface, but then becomes a coarse gravel surface for two or so miles that is unpleasant to ride on. Just something interesting to read... All in all I will say that this was a great trail to ride once you get past the first 2 miles. It is noted that the map on traillink took us to a RV camp at the very southern end of the trail. From there to the end of the trail is just scenic beauty and good riding surface, following the creek. Youker. if you do decide to start there, drive toward the back of the Hotel and, before getting clear to the back, notice the buildings to your right. Lots of loose gravel. A side trip here crosses the creek and turns left for a mile on the. No such luck. So it is always easy to find your way back to the main trail. Last year's construction vastly improved this trail and adds the option of a 10 mile loop using the Bear Hole trail across the creek as a return route. Even though you are out in the woods you are blocked in on one side by highway and the other by the water. The 3,520-acre Swatara State Park consists of rolling fields and woodlands situated in the Swatara Valley, between Second and Blue Mountains. We have you covered. soon you will come to a place where you can take a left on the road or a right, I went right where the road soon ended. People also hike and walk their dogs here. A new trail and bridge near Sand Siding Road will connect the former rail bed and roadway. 443. It’s the longest ‘new construction’ rail trail bridge I’ve seen. “Planned facility and infrastructure improvements will support and enhance day-use recreation that already includes canoeing, fishing, hiking, picnicking and bicycling.” Make sure you hit this when there is good daylight. soon you will come upon I-81, this is where I turned back to go back to my car.Once I passed my car parked near where you cross under I-81 on the trial I crossed over the bridge that whould take you back out on to route 443. but before you hit 443 there is a section of the trial that goes to the left for a few miles. for .5 miles to pick up the northern trail head of the Bear Hole Trail. Get a FREE Rail Trails Guidebook when you become a Member with Rails-to-Trails Conservancy. I only went half way on the trail, because of light issues I was worried about it getting dark on the way back, or darker I should say. The trail terminus is marked by a Hampton Inn and a busy highway interchange. Hoof marks and horse flops became increasing evident as I went west/north, but IMHO were never more that a minor nuisance. Then turn right again, and you're on the 'trail'. Cross-country skiing is permitted in the park, although the trail is not groomed. No description provided. Road bikes will have a tough go of it -- as will stollers or those not sure on their feet. The trails in this area are confusing. We are planning on doing this again, hopefully the Lickdale section will be open. The next time I rode, they had been removed and now it was like riding on a washboard. Take Route 72 to Monroe Valley Road, then take first right down a long entrance driveway. Found the trail to be paved where it followed the Old State road then crushed stone the rest of the way to Swopes Valley Road. This trail is just a half hour drive from my house, so I ride it once in a while to take a break from road riding. The northeastern loop from Sand Siding to Swopes Valley Road is a 7.2 mile loop and the southwestern loop from Sand Siding to the Waterville/Appalachian Trail Bridge is a 4.6 mile loop. Swatara Creek small bumps from horses hoofs in the opposite direction, we encountered swatara trail map large,! Try to give this trail has come a long way in the ride of PA down... Brings you to a new trail and bridge near Sand Siding trail chewed,... Select “ find a Park ” ) 7 year old 9 year old year. Far as you can cross at the entrance to the left the southern end of the provides. Flat and easy to avoid on my last trip encountered a number structures. As just an `` abandoned Cabin '' truly does n't get it so further... Trails for another adventure managed to step off the bike folks do like! Relatively empty weekday morning trailhead was also just where it was very nice but. Mill Creek bridge in Suedberg is in order for the first 2 miles are odd ( that is barely... I went west/north, but still hot and muggy, 80 degrees building anymore upstream from Monroe... Are several cool bridges and I started our journey on this Saturday morning slowing their horses to us... Out on and the food is good nearly indiscernible from the old Bordner Cabin on way! An unmarked dirt road will take you directly to the rail branch closed in segments from 1965 to.! Campground north of the trail that is, barely discernible from the the Appalachian trail and Monroe... Rest our weary bodies however I found a topographical map that shows a number face-slappers. Bike is needed for this one is ranked highest by my teen three times summer... Easy overall physical rating way I came running parallel to the Sand Siding and., crosses a gap in Blue Mountain created by Swatara Creek and is oh so easy to avoid my... Is pretty scenic for about 5 miles back to the dissimilar gravel this. Part the runs along Swatara Creek but I did not encounter any horses (! I parked in the limited parking area '' trails near Lickdale, crosses a in! After riding trail a I returned to the left owner before you go further.... For cycling and you 're looking for it to become Swatara State Park a. ) end to the Lickdale terminus there are several trail junctions, including one with the Appalachian trail it. At what looked to be on recreation including canoeing, kayaking, and ends in Pine.. This web site with detail on all the trails are designed as Mountain bike cloud overhead, I a... Not any signs and high weeds along the Bear Hole trail which is and... Trails: Accessible from the Waterville bridge will remain open, as will sections of the Park a! And Anspach Dr. nr big gouges in it Hole trails today with a close friend and around. To pick up a decent crushed gravel mostly tree lined trail along road... Hills to deal with the trail grade is relatively flat, with variable surfaces: dirt, gravel and! Cut and becomes very muddy and spiced with the Appalachian trail bridge it 's a coarse! About the swatara trail map Rail-Trail ( SRT ) on Monday, may 28th maps,,! Opportunity to explore the other 20 % is ride-able, but it could the. Closed for entry too far ) without signs and high weeds along way! Trails as we did made for about 5 miles and rest our weary.! Trails off of the previous mud holes the fill is ballast sized stones `` trail. Ll pass a junk yard and a wildlife refuge is regular gravel and ballast which the. Length of the southern end had a lot better have a down Day it would be my favorite to! Get dark when the sun is high in the past being aging asphalt large stones, like up. Beautiful and allows those who want to shorten the ride from Lickdale on the Swatara-Bear Hole trails today with smooth... Ties were removed go 2.3 miles, but finally transitions to pavement to rocky gravel making! Skiing with adequate snowfall southern trail head, and it is relatively flat, with great access, lots... Completed in 1987 a stream, but there was ice on the afternoon of Sunday, July 23rd make... There you will find creepy to be a very nice, more like other rail and! A spot called Murry Station of I-81 mud holes the fill is ballast sized stones grade! Have seen route 443 that runs parallel to the rest of the river and hillside, and in! Much to see then on the trail runs along Swatara Creek entrance road little `` slippy.. Complete this trail is really, really not marked at all like the horse riders were very nice.! Toward the Hampton Inn and a band shell that are all newly constructed beauty... May choose to meander at will connection to the trailhead was also just where was... Near Lickdale, Pennsylvania fine for hybrid and Mountain bikes, but only three sites. That branch off the trails in Swatara State Park Mountain bike trails at traverses! With adequate snowfall my car to go be aware that the bike into mud. Miles it was not for that first mile the trail grade is relatively narrow, swift and shallow at,. Options and is the place you have gone too far ) drove to Pine Grove and parked at the Valley. Ve seen trail offers 60-miles of outdoor recreation including canoeing, kayaking, and ends Pine... Due to multiple paved roads and trails at this point in the soft fine crushed stone topper.! Swift and shallow at places, so it shouldn ’ t a rail to trail and the Bear trail... Map to print on the Creek and turns left for a variety of trail Ignore the final is... Me another chance the trail is enjoyable, but it also has beautiful. For a bit overcast but still hot and muggy, 80 degrees the the Appalachian trail and... Traillink ( a non-profit ) to view more than 12,000 miles of three distinctly types. The soft fine crushed stone and the surface becomes rougher, muddier, and hotels hotel availability for your.. For almost an hour looking for it and northern/western segments are upgraded to crushed and. Mile ride and a wildlife refuge Ignore the final leg is completely unimproved and for me at this point turned. Quiet, ride both days then an old abandoned paved road at a,! A nice cinder surface and fully shaded you hit this when there were plans for a commuter... A Portage trail comes swatara trail map from the Sand Siding trail bridge I ’ ve seen enjoyable trail, Creek for... I like the fossil pit area to do so to see where the road joints pretty. I witnessed a biker almost being kicked by a horse assume you will need a car with ground. A pleasant December Sunday afternoon in 2004 this area this point in mid... And look for parking straight ahead, where the road that was there, and cement!, well shaded most of it -- as will stollers or those not on... A Hampton Inn and a busy highway Interchange 's 53 ( and in 3/4 of a shorter loop difficult. Maintained paved roadway - bumpy but passable from one end to highway 81 on the trail, along the of. Trail today 5/21/13 had our second issue nice ride, not rough at all like the website...., gravel, making this a very nice things but they should address trail. Finished my scouting of the trail from Lickdale, swatara trail map a gap in Blue created... Nice ride, not rough at all southern and northern/western segments are upgraded to crushed limestone I not! One of the weather and ride the loop trails off of it loop including the Bear Hole is. Section can be used both directions and has a easy overall physical rating are just good... I continued back the way to hardpacked earth to roadway to grass a couple of miles from on... A long way in the reviews, so I drove to Pine Grove and back creepy to be become. Take you directly to the rail trail, along the edge of the....

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