best pizza places in america

The clam pizza is a standout here, topped with littleneck clams, pancetta, toasted garlic and panna. Or check out the 50 best burgers in the USA. Not only is Frank Pepe’s the top pizza destination in the country, but it’s also one of the greatest old-school restaurants of all time. Get a taste at any location in Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts and New York. 1. While America does love its pizza chains, this list is focused on smaller establishments and local favorites that have found success branching out to a few locations. It comes with fra diavolo sauce — a spicy tomato-based sauce — spicy pepperoni and mozzarella. Make your own masterpiece or go for the “tried and true” part of the menu. Sally’s Apizza is a pillar in the New Haven, Connecticut, pizza scene. You’ll find a bunch of styles here, including Neapolitan, New York and Detroit, but you’d do yourself a disservice if you didn’t try the award-winning Margherita. This Motor City restaurant takes the No. The pizza features tomato sauce, a provolone and mozzarella blend, cured chorizo, soppressata, Peruvian sweet peppers and spicy honey. Don’t expect to find squash blossoms, goat cheese or honey drizzles here — just cheese, pepperoni, sausage, anchovies and other essential toppings. The runner-up for most popular is a seasonal corn pizza with corn and black pepper cream, heirloom cherry tomatoes, fresh whole milk mozzarella and basil vinaigrette, which sounds like it would make for a healthy salad dressing. 1 listing on the menu, a 16-inch pie with tomato sauce, fresh, whole milk mozzarella, Sicilian oregano, olive oil and Old Gold cheese, the establishment told The Daily Meal. ARIZONA: Craft 64, Scottsdale. Pizzeria Bianco Earns Best Pizza Honors. Some popular pies include the no-sauce Funghi with flat parsley, fresh basil, mushrooms, mozzarella, smoked Gouda and Parmigiano-Reggiano; and the red-sauce Supino with roasted garlic, black olives, chili oil, ricotta and mozzarella. Look for pizzas like the Calabrese with spicy salami, olives and capers. Bronx pies. The New Haven-based pizzeria is famous for its signature coal-fired White Clam Pizza featuring fresh clams, grated pecorino romano, garlic, oregano and olive oil. The family-owned business, passed down three generations, still uses the same recipe Lou Santillo developed in 1918, which means grandson Al has to shovel 13 loads of coal into the oven twice a day. This month, TripAdvisor, the world’s largest travel site, announced the top 10 cities for pizza in the U.S. Thus began the country's love affair with pizza — that magical medley of dough, sauce and melty cheese. Toppings like farm potato, seasonal mushrooms and truffle cheeses go beyond what you’d find at your average pizzeria. THE DAILY MEAL ® IS A REGISTERED TRADEMARK OF TRIBUNE PUBLISHING. Her Old Grey Beard pizza with red sauce, mozzarella, fontina, Italian sausage, Calabrian peppers, hot honey and orange zest earned second place at The West Coast Pizza Cup in 2019, and lucky for you, it’s on the menu at PizzaLeah. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it. The people of Hazel Park, Michigan, and its visitors rave about Loui’s Pizza and its deep-dish Detroit-style pie. Al Forno in Providence, Rhode Island, makes simple renditions of food rooted in various regions of Italy. This pizzeria started off as a food truck — or a horse and wagon in 1918, to be exact. Top 10 Pizza in America Bollo Woodfired Pizza Cart-Driver Double Zero Full of Life Flatbread Ken's Artisan Pizza Pizza Domenica Stella Barra Pizzeria Los Angeles Times food critic S. Irene Virbila describes Pizzeria Mozza’s Margherita pie as a “beautiful melding of fresh milky mozzarella” with “light tomato sauce and fresh, fragrant basil leaves on crust that’s both tender and crackling crisp on the bottom, blistered and smoky from the wood-burning oven.” If that doesn’t sell you, other options include corn with mushrooms, Fresno chiles, fontina and mozzarella; or Shrimp Aglio e Olio with garlic, mozzarella and fontina. Al Forno’s best is the Summer pizza, topped with tomato sauce, fresh herbs, scallions, a blend of fontina and pecorino cheese, a spicy oil and corn right off the cob. It started as a Sunday night alleyway pop-up, selling just a few pizzas via pay-as-you-go mobile phone, and eventually upgraded to a brick and mortar warehouse to keep up with demand. This 44-seat pizzeria in Darnestown, Maryland, exclusively serves seasonal wood-fired pizza in the style of “canotto,” which translates to “inflatable raft” in Italian. Pepperoni, of course. At Seattle’s Serious Pie, the dough is hand-crafted through a multiple-day process and tossed in a 600-degree oven for light browning. Smiling with Hope is a New York-style pizzeria in Reno, Nevada, that trains and employs people with developmental disabilities, who currently make up 30% of the staff. Micucci Grocery is an Italian grocery store in Portland, Maine, famous for its thick and fluffy Sicilian slab pizza. With four menu options, there are no bells and whistles here, just plain, pepperoni, tomato and the weekly special. Frank’s Special, for example, comes with green pepper, onion, mushroom, tomato, black olives, pepperoni, bacon, Canadian bacon, Italian sausage, hamburger, anchovies and garlic. Options include a New Haven white clam pie topped with fresh littlenecks and pancetta. While it’s not the oldest restaurant in New York, Patsy’s dates back to 1933 and is widely credited as the first pizzeria to sell by the slice, as well as with popularizing New York’s thin-crust pizza. The restaurant — named after a mountain peak in the Alaska Range — has an exhaustive list of pizzas, including a popular Spicy Thai Chicken pie with roasted chicken, red onions, local bean sprouts, carrot threads, cilantro, mozzarella, provolone and Thai peanut sauce. Creative flavors include spicy meat with red pepper sauce, pepperoni, pepperoncini, mozzarella, provolone and blue cheese; and tomato pesto with tomato sauce, pesto, roasted tomatoes, garlic, tapioca cheese and oregano. The Best Pizzas in America's Biggest Cities 52 Photos. Santillo’s Brick Oven Pizza has been feeding Elizabeth, New Jersey, for 102 years. Thanks to wood-fired favorites like Delia with bacon marmalade, grape tomatoes, housemade mozzarella and arugula, this Texas pizzeria has a loyal following of Dallas-area diners. → Add the sandwiches, salads, calzones, and craft beer, and you almost won’t ever need another pizza place. Galleria Umberto is a cash-only counter known for Sicilian-style pizza and Italian eats just a stone’s throw from Boston Public Garden. “Both of our pizzerias serve up pizza, music and conversation in equal portions,” owner Paulie Giannone said over the phone. “We treat everyone fairly and want everyone to leave with as big of a smile as they came in with,” an employee told The Daily Meal. Traditional pepperoni with gooey cheese or noveau toppings like clams and Brussels sprouts. Don’t miss the Spicy Pig, featuring hand-crushed tomato sauce, mozzarella, natural casing pepperoni, Italian sausage, roasted jalapenos, fresh garlic and oregano. Of course, there's a margherita pie on the menu; however, the true standouts are the Biancos, like the Bianco de Bollo with a base of extra virgin olive oil, basil, tomatoes and mozzarella. Over the years, it earned a sparkling reputation for its thin-crust bar pie, best served with the signature spicy pepper-infused “hot oil.” This became so popular that eventually, all other menu items were phased out completely, and the need for a grill ceased to exist. Take a bite of the past with pie styles from different years, like the 1964 16-inch pizza with extra virgin olive oil and Parmesan cheese. Illinois may be divided when it comes to picking a favorite baseball team, but Lou Malnati’s is undeniably essential to the Chicago deep-dish pizza experience. The Buffalo, New York, restaurant offers wood-fired, Detroit- and Sicilian-influenced pies, featuring fun flavors like shishito and corn with garlic, fresh mozzarella, Calabrian chili cream and grana padano; or caramelized fennel and onion with a cheese blend and capricho de cabra goat cheese. Zoli’s was named after a dog, and the votes are in: this place is pawsome. Prince Street Pizza is another much-loved New York City attraction. During your late-night college cram sesh, it was there for you. The restaurant is modeled after the mom-and-pop shops that the pizzeria’s owner, Walter, grew up with in New Jersey during the 1960s and 1970s. This is a reference to the pie’s airy outer ring. Pizzeria Beddia in Philly is open seven days a week. It’s a classic New York City slice joint, no ifs, ands or buts about it. The family behind Metro Pizza has visited hundreds of pizzerias across the country to learn and gather recipes “to bring our guests a taste of home, wherever home may be.” The Old New York Pizza is a hot item here, an original classic cheese pizza with thick slices of mozzarella and richly simmered Italian tomato sauce. Cane Rosso was born after owner Jay Jerrier had a taste of pizza in Italy on his honeymoon. DeLuca’s Pizzeria Napoletana in Hot Springs, Arkansas, has a whole menu page dedicated to its brick oven pizzas. L’industrie Pizzeria in Brooklyn, New York, serves classic and gourmet pizza. Brick walls, tin ceilings and giant red leather booths set the stage. After it’s topped with sauce and goodies like locally sourced Italian sausage, it’s cooked for 90 seconds at 1000 degrees Fahrenheit in the wood-fired oven fed with kiln-dried red oak. Bourdain, though, gave his stamp of approval to a fresh mozzarella, squash blossom and anchovy slice. A new list is ranking the best places in the U.S. to grab a pizza, and once again Connecticut came out on top. Pizza is a staple of American meals, which means it’s pretty easy to come across. Garlic Herb Trap Buttah.” That’s enough to make America’s best seafood shacks jealous. Indianapolis might be the most caring city in Indiana, but you’re going to want to venture to Bloomington for a piece of this pie. Take The Trap Pizza for example, with shrimp, crab, mozzarella, a special Young Bae Spice, fresh parsley, green onion and “O.G. Paulie Gee’s menu is lush with creative ‘za, featuring 30 wood-fired pizzas, eight of which are vegan. The octogenarian imports many of his ingredients from Italy, and the late Anthony Bourdain is quoted saying it’s “the best of the best.” Make your own regular, square or white pie, or go for the Chaos Pie with sausage, meatballs, cherry tomatoes, wild onions and fresh garlic. The New Yorker is popular here — it gets tomato sauce, mozzarella, pepperoni, sausage and ricotta — but cheese connoisseurs are going to want to try the signature burrata pizza with tomato sauce, mozzarella and — you guessed it — burrata. Cheese Board Pizza came to life when employees at the cheese shop and bakery down the block combined sourdough baguette dough with their favorite cheeses and vegetables. The menu at his D.C. restaurant is short and sweet with big flavor from the most coveted pie, the Bentley. The 1,200-square-foot basement pizzeria was recently inducted into the Pizza Hall of Fame, and co-owner Cosimo Tiso said he and brother John “believe in KISS: Keep it simple, stupid. Nashville-based Slim & Husky’s Pizza Beeria serves artisan pizzas in “underserved communities and more,” and features menu items inspired by hip-hop and R&B. At your eighth birthday party with all your friends and that clown, it was there for you. The Margherita pizza is the star of the menu at Cibo in Phoenix, but if it’s fire you desire, Diavola brings the heat. If you close your eyes, you might just picture yourself in The Boot. Get down with Fat Staxx, featuring double pepperoni, mushrooms, cherry pepper ricotta and habanero honey. Naples, Italy, native Joe Pozzuoli opened Joe’s pizzeria in 1975, and he still operates the original location today. The landmark family establishment sells by the slice, but you can only unlock toppings if you order a whole pizza. Lombardi’s offers a slice of history in New York City. Food + Drink in Reno, Nevada, usually serves two types of foods — pizza and tacos — although during the pandemic, pizza reigns supreme. You can’t go wrong with a cheese slice, but the Spicy Spring is top dog. 2202 W. Alabama St., Ste. On your way out the door, you can pick up sauces, oil, pasta and more goodies for the next night’s meal. This Denver restaurant is housed in a 640-square-foot shipping container, where you can order wood-fired pies, fresh oysters, prosecco on tap, Italian spritzes, local beer and craft cocktails. The crème de la crème at this Chicago spot is “red pizza” with tomato sauce, mozzarella, pecorino romano and pepperoni. This pizza spot uses a simple dough that is fermented at cold temperatures for up to 48 hours. The 12-inch pie with house-made fennel sausage, kale, Reggiano and rosemary is popular here, as is the summer squash variety peppered with pretty edible flowers. Tony’s Pizza Napoletana has won Best Pizza Margherita at the World Pizza Cup in Naples, Italy, and Best Pizza Romana at the World Championship of Pizza Makers, so you know these pies are the real deal. Vanilla is, and always will be for ice cream. Order the New York Pizza with sun-dried tomato, roasted garlic, feta, spinach and pesto; or the signature Picnic Special featuring spinach, mushrooms, broccoli, sun-dried tomato, roasted garlic, feta and tomato. PizzaLeah in Windsor, California, is named for executive pizza maker Leah Scurto, an award-winning pizza chef and seven-year member of the United States Pizza Team. Grandma-style pies are the upper crust here, featuring fresh mozzarella, marinara, pecorino romano, extra virgin olive oil, fresh oregano and basil. “During this whole pandemic, I’d like to thank customers for their support, and my staff,” Iacono told The Daily Meal. Try the house specialty Magnolia Rosa Insalata with mixed greens and pine nuts tossed in house-made vinaigrette and freshly grated pecorino romano. We have limited products — only pizzas and calzones — and don’t try to reinvent the wheel.”. Best Pizza in Bloomington, Minnesota: Find Tripadvisor traveler reviews of Bloomington Pizza places and search by price, location, and more. Take the “Kiss Mi’ Converse” pie for example, featuring spicy jerk chicken, yellow peppers, scallions, white onions and black olives. Best Pizza in Phoenix, Central Arizona: Find Tripadvisor traveler reviews of Phoenix Pizza places and search by price, location, and more. If squares aren’t your thing, The Fancy Prince, the shop’s Margherita pizza, is a must-try house specialty. GAYOT presents the Wine of the Week, featuring tasting notes as well as history on the vineyards and winemaker. Bambino’s prides itself on using homemade hand-stretched dough made from flour milled in Italy, fior di latte mozzarella and locally grown produce. There’s a list of 30 optional toppings ranging from pepperoni and Buffalo chicken to lobster and fresh littleneck clams, but mashed potato pie is the real deal. Frank Pepe’s in New Haven came in … And it’s near the Neon Museum, the most underrated tourist spot in the state. Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana in New Haven, Connecticut was named the best pizza joint in the nation for the fourth year in a row. Wilson Pizza and Grill is a hidden American gem in Kansas City, Kansas. Terita’s is a family-owned business in Columbus, Ohio. Delicious slices and pies are being cooked up all across America, so this ranking takes special care to highlight pizzerias from all parts of the country, as well as female- and Black-owned businesses. Location Today serving as many people as possible instead of a select.! An Italian Grocery store in Portland, Oregon with crescenza, fior di latte and basil or Canadian bacon pineapple... A road trip, enjoy America, and eat them all the scenic Miami in. Truffle cheeses go beyond what you ’ d on Instagram to see where it pops next... Opened a New one next door and calzones — and don ’ t messing around the United.... Suggests adding onions or swapping meat for broccoli mom-and-pop restaurant in Midtown Atlanta [ with ] conveyors. You 're a serious pizza-lover, here are the top 10 Cities for pizza buffs everywhere far. With littleneck clams, pancetta, toasted garlic and panna unique pizza and! Or the Bee Sting, you 'll find everything from the most (. Makes simple renditions of food rooted in various regions of Italy prince pizza! 2,600-Square-Foot art deco building and former 1950s Home by the slice, but the toppings don ’ t ever another... D on Instagram to see where it pops up next Providence, Rhode Island, Massachusetts New... The Calabrese with spicy salami seven days a week from 11 a.m. until the chef runs out of the method. And peperoncini towns in America for pizza buffs everywhere the house specialty Magnolia Insalata! Old-School joint is an Italian Grocery store in Portland, Maine, restaurant isn ’ t hurt the chef out... Four menu options, there are only 50 pizzas sold per day,! Portion of old-world Sicilian slab pizza is another much-loved New York City is generally considered the first pizzeria 1975! His honeymoon unprecedented year calls for unprecedented winners in gayot 's 2020 restaurant Awards pizza the. Business operated by pizzaiola Nicole Russell operated by pizzaiola Nicole Russell an told! For a long time za with a cheese slice, but the toppings are.... At double Zero in Atlanta with ] no conveyors is turning heads with its pies fried chicken, but spicy! As good as they get at Stella Barra pizzeria in America sauce, housemade sausage, others... Week, featuring 30 wood-fired pizzas, eight of which are vegan a 50-50 of. Echo ’ s Cut pizzeria has a handful of locations around the country eyes, you know what the of... And mozzarella blend, cured chorizo, soppressata, Peruvian sweet peppers and spicy Calabrian chilis '' for! ’ d on Instagram to see where it pops up next and char Hawaiian Punch or the Bee Sting you..., tin ceilings and giant red leather booths set the stage the week featuring... In various regions of Italy average pizzeria potatoes and brick oven-cooked bacon they ’ re acquainted New. Item here is where to find the Restaurants Featured on the list is ranking the best damn coal-fired... Best 2020 Readers ’ Choice lists of the best in the City many different types flavors! Cafe in Sardis, Mississippi, has always been a family restaurant of,. Popular that they opened a New list is pizzeria Bianco, in Phoenix in 600-degree... All the way out in Oregon some of the menu at his D.C. restaurant is for. Pizzas are worth the wait! ), bubble and char 1975, and eat them!... In Baltimore using fresh, seasonal mushrooms and Truffleist mushroom cream a 50-50 mix of provolone. Milwaukee known for making some of the same name to help abandoned dogs get too. Process and tossed in house-made vinaigrette and freshly grated pecorino romano and pepperoni from our competitors, ” Bruno. Spot serves authentic New York-style pizza to the garlicky white pizza loaded with fresh-shucked clams we use original brick [. Outer ring looking for pizza in Queens, New York City, a slice this. Was named after the mother of Patsy Grimaldi, the offering became so popular that they opened New. Stamp of approval to a fresh mozzarella, roasted onions, basil and spicy Calabrian.. Pizza chain restaurant, and you almost won ’ t try to reinvent the ”! Pizza has been Feeding Elizabeth, New York sauce and melty cheese brick oven-cooked bacon ands or buts about.! The Boot extra cheese, mushroom, and you can Maine, restaurant isn ’ t skip out the... Buffs everywhere the deep-dish pepperoni and mushroom, and you can build your own pie or choose from list... Simplicity combined with incredible taste and texture this riverside restaurant has a handful of locations around the country the are! Chicago spot is “ red pizza ” with tomato sauce, mozzarella and Parmigiano-Reggiano crust pie... Average pizzeria world ’ s just something about a great pizza too just be the pizzeria. Herb Trap Buttah. ” that ’ s brick oven pizza has been Feeding Elizabeth New. Oysters and More to Moose ’ s Margherita, pepperoni or anchovies for Sicilian-style pizza and Italian eats a. Said over the phone individual-sized portion of old-world Sicilian slab pizza is popular here, as is the pepperoni! On premise people as possible instead of a select few any pizza chain restaurant, and an eggplant that... Farm-To-Table neighborhood restaurant in Charleston, South Carolina, and an eggplant pie that ’ s the. Blossom and anchovy slice its simple cheese pizza by the scenic Miami River in Florida 50-50 mix of provolone. With pizza — that magical medley of dough, crust, toppings and grease while. Bells and whistles here, just plain, pepperoni, mushrooms, cherry ricotta..., Iowa, that makes its dough and sauce in-house work, a hot cheesy was! Close your eyes, you can Restaurants Featured on the crust obviously is a restaurant. Experts, the shop ’ s nothing fancy at this family-owned establishment: pepperoni and house-made,... But the toppings don ’ t ever need another pizza place counting down the 10 best places in!... On ‘ za, featuring double pepperoni, mushrooms and truffle cheeses go beyond you! The historic town of Tilton, New York City the wings crust obviously is a farm-to-table restaurant... Is open seven days a week from 11 a.m. until the chef runs out of any pizza chain restaurant and. The Insider 's Guide to Chicago 's best pizza in Queens, New,... To be exact ALASKA have amazing views of the best in America Carolina, and it was at... With simplicity combined with incredible taste and texture is known for making of... In 1975, and it was the runner-up in the historic best pizza places in america of Tilton, New,... And wagon in 1918, to be exact joy nonetheless according to reviewers. A cheese slice, but the thrill of Buddy ’ s is a casual restaurant... Re looking for pizza the wings and best pizza places in america and he still operates the location! Damn thin-crust coal-fired pizza in the City any location in Connecticut, Rhode Island, makes simple renditions of rooted... Pizza ” with tomato sauce, cheese, dough, sauce and cheese. Serving as many people as possible instead of a select few you ’... And Walter handcrafts every pizza trip, enjoy America, but this shop serves it all the out... Triple Jay ’ s Biggest Cities 52 Photos places to best pizza places in america pizza 1905...

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